Lester is Unique

When I watch Jon Lester, I see a unique left-handed pitcher.  lester headshot.jpgTraditionally, most lefties are softer throwers and if you see a guy throwing 90 MPH’s it’s usually an exception to the rule.  The traditional lefty is a guy who throws mid-80’s – look at guys now like Tom Glavine or Jamie Moyer and throughout history with guys like Bruce Hurt, John Tudor and Fernando Valenzuela – they relied on a change-up that floated away from right handed hitters or a fastball that tailed away.  So when someone like Lester comes along it changes the whole mental approach of how to hit a left-handed pitcher.  Now all of a sudden he’s coming in on your hands and sinking that fastball.  He has changed how a batter approaches a lefty pitcher.  And when you start throwing 95 MPH like Randy Johnson you’re getting into that category where you just haven’t seen lefties throughout history like that.  When you throw 95 AND you can throw a cutter in on the hands and a slider like Lester does and still be able to hit the outside corner against a right-handed batter, you’ve got the complete package. 

I think his unique ability – pinpoint control, assortment of pitches – set him apart from most pitchers in today’s game. 


  1. juliasrants

    Lester is a pure joy to watch. And we Red Sox fans are very glad that he is ours! I think for Jon, just being able to concentrate on baseball this season – and not to have to answer all the questions about his cancer – will make him an even better player. The best, I think, is still to come from him!


  2. Harold Reynolds

    If he stays healthy – and by healthy I mean his shoulder or elbow – then I see him collecting a lot of awards by the end of his career.


  3. tionseo@hotmail.com

    I could not agree more. After all, he has been classified as the most defined left-handed pitcher of all time! One thing we can see throughout history is the fact that there have been many left-handed pitchers out there and still most of them were soft throwers as a matter of fact. Now even though that wasn?t something bad, many batsmen had an idea of how these pitchers were gonna throw the ball. But Jon Lester has come up with an all new style clarks shoes!

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