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Versatility? I’m confused.

What a golden opportunity for someone to pick up one of the premier players in baseball – not just hitter, but player.  The fact is here’s a guy who broke into the big leagues as a
shortstop, almost won the triple crown as a third baseman, moved to the
outfield, and can play first base.  sheffield.jpgHe can steal bags, hit with power,
drive guys in and catch the ball: So when the Tigers say they released him to provide the team with more versatility, I’m confused.  I think it’s a proven fact through the years the impact that Gary Sheffield can have on a team – he’s going to play with fire, he’s going to push guys that he plays with and he’s always been on winning clubs and been about winning.  So I think it’s a great opportunity for someone to pick up a player like Gary Sheffield.

There’s two things that are real interesting here. #1) He struggled all last year with the shoulder surgery but, if you watched him in spring training, has come back healthy.  The way he has been swinging the bat, you see the force, you see the Sheffield bat waggle – that’s a clear indication that his shoulder is healthy.  #2) And he can still play the outfield if you need him out there, he’s a good enough athlete.  Or you can even put him at first because he’s a proven defender.  

He’s going to be a difference maker for a club that’s interested in winning.