All-Time Yankees Hits Leader Derek Jeter

jeter.jpgI think it’s awesome what Derek Jeter accomplished on Friday night.  This is one of my favorite players of all time.  You just have to look at how Jeter handles himself.  Every night he comes to the ballpark ready to play.  He runs out every groundball and has a tremendous approach to the game.  I’ve loved watching him progress from 1995 until now with the adjustments he’s made along the way.  This is a huge thing to be the all-time hits leader for the New York Yankees.  The surprising thing though is the number and that no player in Yankees history has 3,000 hits.  That’s the next thing that’s going to separate him from a lot of people in the history of baseball.  He will get to 3,000 hits within the next couple of years for sure if he stays healthy.  It’s an amazing feat for Jeter.  Congratulations to him as he is now the all-time hits leader in Yankees history, which is amazing.



  1. Buz

    Harold, right you are on DJ.. he’s going to be as legendary as The Babe, Lou Gehrig, The Mick and all of the other great NY Yankees over the years. I crowned Derek as Yesterday’s Hitter when he tied Lou.. it was perfect trademark Jeter swing.

    Buz –


    want to give kudos to harold reynolds. you make the show on mlb network. your very entertaining and knowledgeable. your the best. the rest of the staff are great also. but you harold stand out from the rest. keep up the good work
    a fan
    eddie rubino

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