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Eric Wedge is out in Cleveland

wedge.jpgEric Wedge is out in Cleveland along with his whole coaching staff.  The interesting thing here is they’re going to finish out the season.  This is a very unique situation and it speaks volumes to the character and type of person Eric Wedge is.

Now to his future.  He will get another managerial job.  This guy is one of the top managers out there.  He’s got great vision and he can help build an organization.  He works well with both the young and veteran players.  When I look back over his 7 years in Cleveland he helped develop players like CC Sabathia, Cliff Lee and Victor Martinez just to name a few.  They did good things together including a playoff appearance in 2007 and that year they were only one win from making the World Series. 

I thought it was interesting what Indians GM Mark Shapiro said.  The next manager should have the right to pick his own staff.  They’re going to have a whole new situation with a new manager and new coaches with a brand new philosophy.  It will be interesting to see what happens next spring when the Indians break with their new club.