The Game is Changing

Across MLB, I think it’s a better brand of baseball right now.  Not as much power as far as sit back and wait for it.  Teams are trying to make things happen, they’re running a lot more, going base to base.  Defense is going to become a premium and I like what I’m seeing.C4S_piniella0611708_27468c.jpg  I still think a lot of managers have to adjust, some are being exposed by not moving runners over in certain situations because I don’t think they’re grasping the fact that the game has changed.  Clearly the veteran managers who has always managed that way – Piniella, LaRussa – are not affected by the lack of power that might be in their lineups.  They’ve always made great adjustments on the fly and as the season progresses that’s going to be the tell-tale sign of which managers are going to be able to get their teams an extra 10-15 wins based on the style of play.


  1. juliasrants

    I hope there is more of taking the game one base at a time. I see a lot of players looking to hit the long ball and hurting their team by doing so. I hope we see more gutsy plays like Ellsbury stealing home. Down and dirty baseball; it’s a good thing!


  2. Harold Reynolds

    I agree, Julia, I hope we see more of it. Ellsbury’s steal of home is great example of how the game is changing. Haven’t seen it done so well in a long time. Thanks for reading.

  3. russ4192

    Harold – I completely agree. It has been so much fun watching the Reds this year. Stolen bases, sacrifice bunts and hit and runs…without having to wait on a 3-run dinger.Russ

  4. jonnnnnn

    being a Pirate fan, this kind of stuff makes me more confident in my team. We will probably be dead last in the league in home runs this year, but that (finally) doesn’t mean we’ll finish last as well. Pitching and playing great defense is really the most effective way to win games, and I like seeing my home team migrate to that philosophy and succeed doing so.

  5. Harold Reynolds

    While winning is of course the most important thing for a team, as a fan, being able to watch your team and enjoy what you see on the field is huge. Some teams might not win enough games to make the playoffs but if they put a competitive team out there, it makes a big difference with the fans.


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