My mindset hasn’t changed, I still think the draft is for the worse teams to get better.  If you look back through the history of turning franchises around, if the Mets weren’t able to sign Darryl Strawberry, then what happens to that organization?t1_clemens.old.jpg If the Mariners can’t sign Ken Griffey Jr, what happens to them?  Roger Clemens?  That’s the purpose of the draft, the best players go to the worst teams and the worst teams have a chance to get back to the top.  What has happened recently is that you don’t always have the worst teams getting the best players because of “signabiliy”.  Signability?  What kinda word is that!  To me, If someone is not “signable” then he doesn’t want to play baseball.   At the end of the day, if you’re any good at all in this day in age, you are going to make $50-$100 million playing baseball.  And everyone now thinks they’re supposed to make that right out the gate.  There’s a reason that you have a three-year process of arbitration, a reason for free agency and a reason they’re getting paid the money they get paid because they’ve gone through all the trials and proven their worth.  Part of that is putting people in the seats, part of that is having a following and part of that is taking an organization back up to the top.

 Where are the Yankees if they don’t get to draft Derek Jeter?  Where is Tampa Bay is they don’t get to draft many of the guys on their current roster?   That’s the purpose of the draft.  Sure, teams miss on some players.  Injuries happen.  But where are the Twins if Joe Mauer was not “signable”?20080717-011248-pic-840631393.jpg 

All of this leads up to this years draft and Strasburg being the #1 pick.  All of a sudden there’s a price tag out there that is unreachable for the Nationals.  Although they say they’re going to draft him and sign him for what I hear could be about  $50 million, how can the Nationals justify that after they just signed one of their top players, Ryan Zimmerman for about $45 million AFTER he has established himself.  That’s the most anyone has ever made in franchise history.  I don’t get it, I don’t understand it, they’re not going to sign him at that price.  Telling you now, it won’t happen.  And at the end of the day he’ll be going somewhere else because someone’s going to say they can afford it and that’s the sadness of the draft.   

It’s a great day with a lot of excitement but it’s meant for the worst teams to get the best players, and if the worst teams don’t get the best players then the draft has not been successful.



  1. juliasrants

    Harold – in my humble opinion – it’s people like Scott Boras who have messed up this game that I love. The instant gratification; it doesn’t exist in the world that we fans live in. We have to prove ourselves before we can make “top” money in our chosen fields. Why should baseball player – or professional athletes – be any different. There is an arrogance among some players and agents that is not sitting well with this fan. Seeing players make a farce out of the game – by demanding huge salaries BEFORE they have even stepped on to an pro field or by using drugs in the work place (something that we fans would lose our jobs over) – is making it more and more difficult for this fan to continue to love the game. You are right – the draft is suppose to help the “worse” team and make it better; to level the playing field. Too bad some of the up and coming players, and their agents, don’t get it.


  2. Harold Reynolds

    Excellent example. Someone else might have had Joe Mauer. Prior’s desire not to play for the Twins worked out, in this case.


  3. shrtstp360

    “Signability” is sorta like “drinkability” not really a word, but catchy nonetheless. the problem starts way before scott boras even gets involved. the entire focus on why we play the game has (d)evolved in a disappointing way. kids play to get scholarships, not because they love the game anymore. its sad, and most of these top-tier college players have the same “miley cyrus” sense of entitlement, and i wish big league clubs had the stones to say, “you hit .350 facing Tim Lincecum five times a week and not some kid from Hacksahachee State and we’ll give you whatever you want,” or “you throw a no-no against Boston and we’ll give you both 50 million bucks and a key to the city, but throwing it against Air Force doesn’t earn you squat,” or maybe if teams would blackball boras like Atlanta did to whomever it is that represents rafael furcal, it would make a difference.

    but then again, as long as the Yankees can pull bagillions out of their pockets, it won’t change.



    Where are the Twins if they didn’t pick/sign Mauer?

    Winning the World Series in 2003 with Prior and Santana atop their rotation.

  5. cookandsonbats

    Without signing Griff, the M’s are playing at the Trop. Ick!
    By the way, when are the M’s enshrining you in our Hall of Fame? I’m not trying to flatter. I’m serious. Its ridiculous that you’re not in there. To me, you’re just as important to the M’s as AD. In fact, check this out – — I have you batting second in my all-time Mariners line-up. AD is a reserve behind Olerud. I’m not trying to slight AD here. I’m just saying you deserve your spot along with him, Bone, Edgar and Niehaus.

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