Big Papi amps up rivalry

Once of the reasons this rivalry is so great is the simple fact that David Ortiz is popping off just4954071-lg.jpg before the Yankees got to town and he’s basically warning Joba Chamberlain not to throw inside. This is headline locker rood fodder that everyone wants to talk about.  But, from a baseball standpoint, it all sparks a lot of offense because if the umpires warn the pitchers not to pitch inside – and I’m not talking about throwing people’s head or hitting guys like Joba did with Youkilis – I’m saying just pitching inside to brush guys off the plate, then we’re going to see a lot of offense. 

It’s going to be one of the most exciting weekends for the players new to the teams.  Teixiera, CC, A.J., to experience the Red Sox  – Yankee rivalry amped up to another level is really cool.
This is a great rivalry, second to none, and I look forward to watching it.  


  1. Harold Reynolds

    Julia – I am sure the first meeting between these rivals made you very happy. This two-game series this week should be very interesting. It’s important your Sox stay strong against the Yanks, the division will stay tight as the season goes on.


  2. juliasrants

    Harold – I was very happy with the result of the first series between these two teams (but my birthday was during that series so I knew that my guys won’t let me down!) and last night’s game I think was typical of these two teams. You can not count either of them out until that final out is made. There are so many surprises and twist that it can make your head spin. Pleased with the outcome? Oh yes! I have complete confidence that I will NOT be wearing a pink Yankees’ hat after tonight!


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