New Yankee Stadium

From a fan perspective, it is incredible.  Beautiful! They have huge columns as you walk through the corridor and the best way to describe it is, when you were walking in old Yankee Stadium everyone was shoulder to shoulder.  Now you have enough space for everyone to walk through and move freely. concrete-roman-colosseum2.jpgAnd they have  great big photos of the all-time greats with amazing action shots, each one probably 30 feet tall. It reminds you of being in the Roman Colosseum, it’s truly amazing.

The playing field – we’re seeing what can happen on the diamond.  The ball is jumping out there, particularly to right field.  There’s a little open area in right center where you can see the train – their effort to keep things as true to the old stadium as possible – but in that area where you can see the tracks is where the ball flies the most.  You hit a ball in that direction and it’s going to carry. And I don’t see anything ending that any time soon unless they decide to change the dimensions.  Until then, the ball will continue to carry out of Yankee Stadium.


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